Secured Home Loan – The Most Important Financial Verdict

A house is considered to be the most important asset of an individual. It has become quite easy for the tenants and non homeowners to own this asset by availing a secured home loan. Availing a loan against your home is the key feature of a secured home loan.

The secured home loans are specially framed for people who either own their homes or who aspire to own their homes. They help the borrower to take up a loan to buy a house. In return the borrower needs to pledge collateral. This collateral may be any priced asset or even the house itself which the borrower is planning to buy. Though the borrower can live in the house that he has bought, but the title of the house will be transferred back to his name after complete repayment of the loan amount Best Mortgage Broker In ACT.

These loans are not just availed for the purchase or construction of a new home but also for small purposes like renovation, extension, land purchase, and even the stamp duty.

The secured home loans allow the borrowers to apply for a loan up to £75000 or even more if the market value of the house is higher. The borrower can easily repay these loans at a very low rate of interest within a repayment term of 5-25 years.

While availing a secured home loan, borrowers can get various repayment options like fixed interest rate or variable interest rate. By opting for a fixed interest rate option, the borrower has to pay a fixed amount during the loan period. This option is advantageous when interest rate rise. Whereas in case of a variable interest rate, the rate of interest may vary in accordance with the changes in the loan market.

Since the secured home loans include security factor, they can be procured at easy and flexible terms. These loans offer innumerable advantages to its borrowers like long repayment term, huge amount availability, ease to own your home, low interest rate and reduced monthly installments.

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