Hair Loss Prevention: Home Remedies That Work

Hair loss is no longer barred by age and it’s common for a 15 or 50 year old to leave the drain clogged with hair after taking a shower.

Research has shown that hair loss is brought about by a number of factors such as: aging, stress, heredity, medications (such as steroids), split ends, lack of proper nutrition, hormonal changes, prolonged illness among many other factors.

There are a number of home treatments that you can use to prevent hair loss. Some of the treatments include Tinedol philippinas:

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is known to treat a number of conditions and research has shown that it’s also effective in stopping hair loss. What you need to do is get fresh aloe Vera leaves and make a gel from them. You should then apply the gel directly to your scalp.

After applying the gel, you should wait for a few hours then wash your head with lukewarm water. For ideal results, you should use the gel for at least twice a week. The gel works by balancing your pH levels of your scalp thus hair loss is stopped.

Oil massage

It has been shown that regular massaging of the scalp with lukewarm oil plays a vital role of stimulating blood flow to the scalp and as a result you easily stop hair loss that would have resulted due to insufficient nutrients.

Some of the best oils that you should use include: coconut, jojoba, almond, mustard, and lavender oils. For ideal results, you should use the oils every day.

Neem treatment

Neem is one of the popular herbs used by majority of people in the world. In addition to its many benefits, the plant has also been shown to be very effective in stopping hair loss.

To use the plant, you need to first boil its leaves in water. You should then cool the water and then rinse the hair with the mixture. For ideal results, you should rinse the hair for at least once a week.

Coconut milk

Coconut milk is well known for its vital role in tissue-nourishing. To obtain the milk you need to grind a grated coconut then squeeze it in order to remove the juice. You should then massage the juice onto the scalp to provide the much needed nourishing.

In addition to these home remedies that you can use to stop hair loss, there are other basic practices that you need to put into practise in order to stop the hair fall issue. Some of the practices that you need to adopt include:

Avoid rubbing wet hair: wet hair is susceptible to breakage and you should avoid rubbing it dry. You should also avoid combing it while wet.

Avoid hair styles that tie your hair up tight: although, they might look sleek and fashionable, such styles tend to put plenty of pressure to your hair which increases the chances of hair breakage.

Avoid washing hair with hot water: high temperatures are harmful to your hair thus you should avoid using hot water. A clear indication of too hot water is dry and frizzy hair when walking out of the shower.

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